November 14, 2012

Outraged, I tell ya!

There's a lot of Republican outrage out there.

John McCain (2008 sore loser) and Lindsey Graham (2012 crybaby), in the Senate, have their panties all in a bunch over Benghazi.  They're outraged, I tell ya, outraged!

It's a cover-up! they say.  Obama knew! they say.  What about Petraeus? they say.  Susan Rice is not very bright! they say.  Obama issued a stand down order! they say.

Four people died in Benghazi.  That is awful, and I feel pain for their families who lost loved ones so brutally and suddenly.  With no time to say goodbye.  It's heartbreaking.

How many people died on 9/11?  Around 3,000? 

Democrats came together with the Republican president to mourn 9/11 and to vow that the lost would be avenged. 

Isn't that how it's supposed to work? 

Not if you're a Republican.  Instead of mourning those lost in Benghazi, they are outraged.  Instead of vowing that the killers would be punished, they are outraged.  Instead of quietly going about figuring out what happened, they are outraged.

Well fuck them.

Where was the Republican outrage when they learned that President Bush knew about the attack on the first tower before he went into a classroom for his photo op? 

Where was their outrage when they realized that he sat in that classroom, clueless, after he was told about the attack on the second tower and that America was under attack. Leaving our country leaderless.  

Where was their outrage when they found out how many times Bush and Co. were warned about Al Quaeda's activities within the United States? 

Where was their outrage when they found out that people in the CIA were running around with their hair on fire trying to get President Bush to react to their warnings? 

Where was their outrage when they learned that counter-terrorism adviser Richard Clarke was brushed off with "ok, you've covered your ass," when he tried to warn the Bush cabal about al Quaeda? 

Where was their outrage when Bush let bin Laden get away at Tora Bora? 

Where was their outrage when Bush said he didn't really think about bin Laden much? 

Where was their outrage when Bush took us to war over "WMDs" when there were no WMDs? 

Where was their outrage when thousands of troops and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Afghanis were killed, and as tens of thousands of US troops returned to the US with horrible injuries?

It was nowhere.  There was no outrage then. 

After all, Bush was a Republican, so there was and there would be no outrage on the part of Republicans.  Because Republicans stick together, you know.  America be damned, because Republicans stick together. 

Hell, they even approved Condi Rice as Secretary of State after she failed miserably as a national security adviser and after she LIED about the danger posed by Iraq.  But it's ok for her, because she's a Republican. 

But now they're outraged.  And they're self-righteously demeaning UN Ambassador Susan Rice for relaying the information she was given by the intelligence people.  And somehow they're trying to tie David Petraeus into all this. 

Well, I'm outraged. 

I was outraged in all those instances above.  And I'm outraged at the Republicans' false outrage now. 

John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and the entire Republican Congressional delegation should be hanging their heads in shame.  And slinking off to think about their loyalties.

Are they loyal to the United States?  Or only to the Republican Party? 

As always, I welcome your comments.

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